Oregon Port of Willamette Delivers Comprehensive Document to Oregon Transportation Commission

February 15, 2019

The Oregon Port of Willamette (OPW) yesterday afternoon delivered a comprehensive document to the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC), outlining reasons why the OTC should award grant funding for an intermodal facility to OPW for its site at Brooks. In the 2017 Transportation Act, the Legislature appropriated $25 million in Lottery (economic development) funds to provide a grant to establish a Mid-Willamette Valley intermodal facility. Such a facility allows importers and exporters to ship product by rail, instead of by truck, between the Willamette Valley and the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. The facility is intended to reduce highway congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and make more efficient use of fossil fuels. It also should provide freight service which is cost effective, reliable, and predictable, to help Oregon agriculture and other shippers. “We plan to establish a great facility with a dynamic operation,” said Kevin Mannix, Executive Director of OPW, the project sponsor. The OPW document presents significant additional information which was not considered in earlier reviews. “The OTC makes the grant award, and we are pleased that we have the opportunity to ensure that Commissioners are fully informed when they make their decision,” added Mannix. A copy of the submission by OPW to OTC is available on the OPW website:

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